About Us

About Us

Showsuite started with one key objective – showcase new homes to home-buyers and investors.

We wanted a portal where new home buyers will have a consistent and transparent home-buying experience. An experience that allows them to visualise their soon-to-be ready home and investment, resulting in informed decisions before making the purchase.

Technology today lets us to do just that -- and more at our fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

But we felt that we could do more than just meet the needs of Buyers as we want to give them a holistic experience on Showsuite. Developers of these multi-million dollar residential projects and the Agents assisting to transact are also very much an integral part of the eco-system, to make it a seamless fashion for home-buyers.

Thus, this portal brings together all three stakeholders -- the Buyers, Developers and Agents.

The Showsuite team boasts highly capable technology experts, designers and property specialists who combined, have decades of experience under their belt.

We are constantly striving to better the features and make the process of buying a new home, ever simpler and seamless. To this end, we are always engaging in R&D and dialogues with the stakeholders.